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The term Wholistic is generally a cross between whole and holistic. While some may see them as the same, I do not. Holism is the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and that part I do agree with. My philosophy runs a bit deeper than that. To have a person in balance they need to keep their mind, body, and spirit healthy. To move beyond that though we need to also live in balance with others, nature, our community, and our world.

While Holistics might focus on natural medicines and shun modern practices, I see the benefit of both.  Where many holistic followers maintain restrictive diets, I see the benefit of variety.

So, the idea of wholeness carries over to whatever I’m doing. I try to keep a diet as close to the way nature intends food to be. Within reason. I still live in 21 century America after all. I’m a single, working mom and still living below the poverty level, so I take my victories where I can get them.  We all do the best we can and so my motto goes, it’s about progress and not perfection.  If you were able to afford the whole wheat flour but not the organic whole wheat flour, it’s still a win. You can’t afford organic apple juice for the kids, but you make sure it’s not GMO, still a win.

Honestly, if we make one improvement to what we are doing in our lives each week, imagine where we will be by the end of the year! Now THERE’S progress!  So join me.  I propose we grow a community of people who want to make themselves better and help others do the same.  I’ll do what I can to provide inspiration, information, and humor. All I ask for in return is to let me know you’re out there, maybe share your ideas, and support. If you’re a writer and want to participate, drop me a note, I would love to collaborate!

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